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Sutra Winter is an accomplished aerialist and pole dancer based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with 9 years of pole dancing experience and 7 years of teaching experience. She began her teaching career at Dollhouse Fitness in Encinitas, California and holds certifications in Liquid Motion Level 1 & 2, Xpert 1, 2, 3, 4, Indipole Heels Level 1 and Xpert Lyra Level 1. With a background in pole, lyra, lollipop, fly-pole, floor acro, chair, heels, technique, sensual movement and twerk, Sutra has honed her skills as both a performer and choreographer. She also has experience as a studio owner, having run Pop Up Pole San Diego. She brings her talents to a variety of showcases, private parties, theater productions, national and international competitions.



*Sinners Welcome Season 1

*Sinners Welcome Season 2

*Indulge Season 2 2017    SDPDA 

*Indulge Season 4 2019   SDPDA

*Burlesque Brunch Anniversary Party 2018 Twisted Orbit Circus

*Harvelle’s Long Beach 2019 American Monster Burlesque

*Harvelle’s Long Beach 2020 American Monster Burlesque

*Winter Wonderland Show 2020 Ohh La La Revue

*BLM  Virtual Fundraiser Variety Show 2020 Lola Boutee/ Dollfaced Dames       

*Best Seat in the House Virual Variety BLM Fundraiser 2020 Fuze Movement

*Brunch Battle Virtual Show 2020 Lola Boutee/ Dollfaced Dames

*Vertical Speakeasy Midnight Foreplay 2020 SDPDA

*Vertical Speakeasy Bump in the Night 2020 SDPDA

*Valentines Speakeasy Public Viewing 2021 Ooh La La Revue

*International Pole Convention 2021 Freestyle Showcase

*International Pole Convention 2021 Workshop Instructor

*International Pole Convention 2022 Freestyle Showcase

*Gemma Lux Pole Gemma Lux/ Lux Cabaret  Pole Through The Decades 2022

*Diner En Blanc West Palm Beach 2022 Diner En Blanc Lyra Solo & Doubles

*Aerial Allure Pole Show Nakiyah Chanel  Atlanta 2023

*Aerial Allure Pole Show Nakiyah Chanel Raleigh 2023



*PSO Golden Gate 2017 Exotic Senior Level 2, 3rd

*PSO Nationals 2018 Exotic Senior Level 4, 4th

*USPDF New York 2019 US Women’s Amateur

*Exotic Generation USA 2019 Exotic Theater, 5th

*Exotic Generation Japan 2020 Professional Flow Finalist

*PSO After Dark 2019 Drip, Tease, Flow Senior Level 4, 3rd

*PSO Golden Gate 2020 Freedance Level 4/5 Senior/ Junior, 3rd

*Pole Theater Japan 2020, Classique Semi-pro, Finalist

*PSO Capricorn 2020 Freedance Level 5, 1st

*PSO Scorpio 2020 All Floor All Day 

*Dance Filthy USA 2021 Semi-Professional, 4th

*PSO Northeast 2021 Freestyle Level 4/5, 1st

*PSO Northeast 2021 Shadow-banned Level 5, 1st

*Exotic Generation USA 2022 Professional Flow 6th

*Exotic Generation Worlds 2023 Professional Flow

*Haute Velour 2023 Freestyle 3rd

*Exotic Generation Spain 2024 Professional Theater TBD


image of pole dance certification from Xpert
Sutra Winter Xpert Pole Instructor Certification level 3 and 4 certificate document
Image of pole dance certification from Indipole for heels instructor certification for sutra winter
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